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Graphite Electrodes Production Process

Graphite Electrodes Production Process

1.Raw Materials 

Graphite electrodes production process image1.jpg

HP GRAPHITE takes the high-quality needle calcined coke as the production materials of graphite electrode.   

2.Intermediate Crushing & Sieving 

Graphite electrodes production process image2.jpg

The needle coke is crushed in the mechanical equipment and sieved, and then, subjected to the burdening proportionally according to the formula.                                


Graphite electrodes production process image3.jpg

The raw materials subjected to the burdening are heated and kneaded together with a certain proportion of pitch, to prepare the plastic thickener. 


Graphite electrodes production process image4.jpg

The kneaded thickener is pressed after cooling to the process temperature, and subjected to the compression molding according to the product requirement and specification. 


Graphite electrodes production process image5.png

In the calciner, the "green" electrode is calcined to the specified temperature according to the process requirement, and the calcined products are impregnated with the special impregnating pitch according to the specific process, to improve the density and mechanical strength of the products; and then, the impregnated products are repeatedly calcined to improve the product performance.   


Graphite electrodes production process image6.jpg

The products calcined twice are powered on in the electric resistance furnace for graphitization for heating up to 3000℃, so that the carbon atom structure is rearranged into the specific crystalline form, and the carbon is converted to the graphite.   

Graphite electrodes production process image7.png


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