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Graphite Mold|Graphite Article

Graphite mold is mold made of graphite materials. As graphite product has good electrical and thermal conductivity, it is widely used as mold for continuous casting of copper, red copper and other metal.   


The applications of graphite mold in modern industries are described in details as follows: 


1. Continuous and semi-continuous manufacture of nonferrous metals:

With the promotion of advance smelting methods, such as continuous (semi-continuous) smelting of metals to manufacture bars and pipes, the smelting of various metals such as copper alloy, aluminum and aluminum alloy has already taken the lead in adopting this method. Artificial graphite is considered to be the most suitable material for continuous and semi-continuous casting due to its unique thermal and electrical conductivity. The practical production experience proves that because of the excellent thermal conductivity of the graphite mold (better thermal conductivity can make the metal or alloy solidify faster) and its good lubricating property, the casting mold will be sped up.   


2. Graphite molds for pressure casting: 

A consensus is reached on using artificial graphite materials in pressure casting of nonferrous metals. For example, molds for pressure casting of copper alloys have been used in precision parts and automotive machinery production. 


3. Graphite molds for centrifugal casting: 

The use of graphite molds for centrifugal casting has greatly improved the efficiency of centrifugal casting and product quality.   


4. Graphite molds for hot pressing die: 

The application of the artificial graphite hot pressing die to the pressure sintering of hard alloys has the following characteristics: firstly, if pressing temperature is increased to 1350 - 1450°C , the required unit pressure can be reduced to 67 - 100 kgf/cm2 (i.e. 1/10 of the cold pressing pressure); Secondly, the pressurization and heating are carried out in the same process, and the compact sintered body can be obtained through short-time sintering. 


5. Graphite molds for glass molding: 

Chemical stability is one of the most important properties of graphite materials. In addition, graphite molds are not easily infiltrated by molten glass and will not change the composition of glass. Graphite materials have good thermal shock resistance and small changes in size with temperature, which have become indispensable mold materials in glassmaking in recent years. They can be used to make molds for glass tubes, bent pipes, funnels and other various special-shaped glass bottles.   

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