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Graphite electrode latest price (January 15th)

Graphite electrode latest price (January 15th)

Graphite electrode latest price (January 15th)


Graphite electrode: This week, the graphite electrode market continued a stable trend in general, and part specifications of electrodes quotation has increased slightly in some regions.

On the one hand, the raw material market shows an upward trend in general, low sulfur coke continues to show a strong trend after new year, coal tar pitch negotiated price continues to rise, the needle coke market remains strong, and raw material cost provides certain confidence for enterprise price adjustment;

On the other hand, under the influence of environmental protection inspection, enterprises production in some areas is severely limited. At present, under the condition of shutdown and stop-production, coupled with limited inventory, the supporting price market sentiment has increased slightly. However, on the whole, most enterprises wait and see the market. Although the raw material cost and market supply are supported, but the demand is weak, the enterprise has insufficient power to support the price, and the enterprise has obvious price stability sentiment. In the actual transaction, the quotation is slightly adjusted according to the inventory, more graphite electrode market news contact us.


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