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Graphite electrode current price!

Graphite electrode current price!

Graphite electrode current price! 

Today's Review

Today, March 15, 2022, China's graphite electrode market price is stable.

Graphite electrode upstream raw material prices continue to rise, downstream steel plants mainly purchase on demand. Although graphite electrode enterprises have gradually resumed production, they are still in a tight supply state due to the long production cycle and the great impact of the Winter Olympics production limit. With the gradual increase of downstream electric furnace steel operation and the consumption of raw materials in the early stage, the subsequent demand for electrode procurement will continue to increase, which is generally benefit to  graphite electrodes price. Driven by the triple benefits of high cost, high demand and tight supply, graphite electrode price is still expected to rise.

Price Trend

March 15, 2019 Graphite electrode market price:

  1. RP graphite electrode (Diameter 300mm~600mm) price is 18,000~22,000 yuan/ton;

  2. HP graphite electrode (Diameter 300mm~600mm) price is 21,000~24,000 yuan/ton;

  3. UHP graphite electrode (Diameter 300mm~600mm) price is 22,000~28,000 yuan/ton,reading more graphite market news consult us.



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