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Driven by high cost pressure, graphite electrode price still rise slowly

Driven by high cost pressure, graphite electrode price still rise slowly

Driven by high cost pressure, graphite electrode price still rise slowly


Graphite electrode price remained stable at a high level this week. At present, graphite electrode market price is slowly rising. Under the condition of limited transportation and shipment of raw materials, the pressure on the market cost side continues to rise, and the overall profit continues to be compressed. In addition, the current graphite electrode processing cost is high, and the profits of graphite electrode enterprises with complete processes are stronger than those with non-complete processes, leading to insufficient operation and tight supply of some graphite electrode enterprises.

Market price of graphite electrode on April 10, 2022: Ultra-high power graphite electrode φ450 quoted 24000-24500 yuan/ton, φ600 quoted 27000-28000 yuan/ton; High power graphite electrode φ300-500 quoted 22000-24500 yuan/ton; Regular power graphite electrode φ300-500 quoted 20000-22500 yuan/ton.

Raw materials rose sharply, graphite electrode cost pressure continues to increase

Low sulfur petroleum coke market is expected to be affected by resources reduction, and the coke price has been pushed up continuously. Low sulfur petroleum coke ex-factory price has exceeded 7100 yuan/ton. With the continuous increase of the demand in the downstream negative electrode market and the reduction of low sulfur coking unit operating rate, each refinery’s low sulfur coke price difference has been shrinking. As of April 10, low sulfur petroleum coke average market price was 7400 yuan/ton; Needle coke prices maintain an upward trend, with good downstream demand. It is expected that raw materials prices such as low sulfur petroleum coke and needle coke will continue to remain high.

Graphite electrode supply is still tight

At present, the epidemic control in many regions is still relatively strict. When the procurement and shipment of raw materials are blocked, some small and medium-sized graphite electrode enterprises are operate under capacity; Some graphite electrode enterprises in Hebei have not started operation due to environmental protection restrictions, and are expected to resume production before mid-April. Overall, the supply side of graphite electrode market is still limited.

Downstream operation rate decreased, graphite electrode purchased on demand

The capacity utilization rate and operating rate of downstream EAF steel plants continued to overall decline, but the decline rate is slowing down. EAF plants profit proportion has expanded and rebounded, which improves enterprises’ production enthusiasm in some regions. It is expected that next week's operating rate may appear a small recovery. At present, the graphite electrode market is mainly purchased on demand.

Overall  view

Under the impact of the epidemic, the supply and demand sides of the graphite electrode market are still limited. The recovery of graphite electrode steel market is slow, and graphite electrode market is mainly purchased on demand. Driven by graphite electrode high production cost pressure , the price is still pushed up slowly , reading more GE news contact us.


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