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Domestic graphite electrode prices rise and fall alternately

Domestic graphite electrode prices rise and fall alternately

Domestic graphite electrode prices rise and fall alternately


This week, domestic graphite electrode prices rose and fell alternately. Regular power graphite electrode price increased by 500 yuan/ton, high power graphite electrode price increased by 500 yuan/ton, and ultra-high-power graphite electrode (specification φ600 above) price decreased by 500-1000 yuan/ton. As of press time, ultra-high power graphite electrode φ450 quoted 24500-25000 yuan/ton, φ600 quoted 26500-27500 yuan/ton; High power graphite electrode φ300-500 quoted 23500-25500 yuan/ton, regular power graphite electrode φ300-500 quoted 21500-23000 yuan/ton, and the transaction is general.

In terms of downstream, baking furnace news image464.jpg

the average operating rate of 85 independent EAF steel plants was 69.22%, with an average operating rate of 69.22%, a month-on-month increase of 1.91% and a year-on-year decrease of 13.28%, among which, North China, South China and Northwest China showed a significant upward trend, East China and Central China showed a slight downward trend, and southwest China showed a significant downward trend. According to the survey, blast furnace operating rate of 247 steel plants was 80.11%, an increase of 0.84% month-on-month (compare with last week) and a year-on-year decrease of 4.02%. The overall performance of domestic blast furnaces and electric furnaces is weak compared with the same period last year. In addition, affected by the domestic epidemic, the overall downstream demand of the domestic ultra-high power graphite electrode market is lower than expected, especially the market demand of large-size ultra-high power graphite electrode is obviously weak.

In terms of raw materials, graphite materials news image465.jpg

the domestic low sulfur coke market price increased by 400-500 yuan/ton this week. The cost pressure of high-power and regular power graphite electrode is obvious. Each factory’s increase range is different. The price difference of products with the same specification increases, and the maximum price difference can reach 2500 yuan/ton. From the perspective of short-term market supply and demand, the domestic graphite electrode market may face adjustment in the turbulent period, cost pressure still exists, demand pressure does not decrease, and graphite electrode manufacturers are forward under pressure, reading more graphite electrode news follow us.


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