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Domestic graphite electrode prices fell slightly

Domestic graphite electrode prices fell slightly

Domestic graphite electrode prices fell slightly 


This week, domestic graphite electrode prices mainly decreased but individual rise. In most regions, UHP graphite electrode price decreased by 500 yuan/ton, and the price trend of RP and HP graphite electrode was weak. As of press time, UHP graphite electrode φ 450 quoted 24000 yuan/ton, φ 600 quoted 26500-27000 yuan/ton; HP graphite electrode φ 300-500 quoted 23500-25500 yuan/ton, RP graphite electrode φ 300-500 quoted 21500-23000 yuan/ton. The market quotation is strong and the transaction is general.

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  • Downstream side, the average operating rate of 85 independent EAF steel plants is 72.74%, a month-on-month increase of 3.52% and a year-on-year decrease of 9.76%. East China, South China and Southwest China showed a slight upward trend. Through investigation of 247 steel plants, the blast furnace operating rate was 79.80%, 0.31% lower than last week, 5.70% lower than last year. Recently, the operation of domestic blast furnaces and electric furnaces has continued to increased, which is positive for domestic graphite electrodes. With the development of demand, raw materials price goes against graphite electrode price, and the increasing competitive pressure of graphite electrode manufacturers lead to the weakening of graphite electrode price.

  • Raw materials side, domestic petroleum coke price continued to rise this week. Jinxi coke increased by 300 yuan/ton, Daqing coke increased by 200 yuan/ton, Liaohe coke increased by 580 yuan/ton, and in the short run, some refineries have maintenance plans, petroleum coke market overall supply is still not optimistic. Needle coke market also shows a tight supply situation. Affected by the high level of raw materials, it is expected that the domestic graphite electrode market will run steadily in the short term. More graphite electrode technical news, please contact us directly.


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