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Petroleum coke market transaction is stable, some coke prices rise

Petroleum coke market transaction is stable, some coke prices rise

Petroleum coke market transaction is stable, some coke prices rise 

On July 6, 2022, petroleum coke market is stable, and some coke prices rise.

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At present, petroleum coke average market price is 4798 yuan/ton, up 13 yuan/ton. Petroleum coke market transaction is stable, and some coke prices rise. Graphite electrode prepared from high-quality petroleum coke is suitable for electric arc furnace/refining furnace/submerged arc furnace, learn more.

In terms of Sinopec: Sinopec's medium sulfur coke exports along the Yangtze River are in good condition. Anqing Petrochemical petroleum coke mainly produced 3A, and Jingmen Petrochemical and Changling Refinery mainly produced 3B, with stable price shipments. PetroChina's Northeast region is currently trading well. Jinxi and Jinzhou Petrochemical have low inventory after price adjustment, and electrode for downstream aluminum smelting is in good demand; Currently, Northwest China Lanzhou Petrochemical has raised coke prices of 3#A and 3#B to 5780 yuan/ton for automobile transportation and 5810 yuan/ton for railway transportation. At present Huizhou Petrochemical under CNOOC petroleum coke price has increased slightly, and other refineries' prices have operated smoothly.

In terms of local refineries: Local petroleum coke shipments are normal at present, and in some refineries, petroleum coke prices continue to adjust upward, with a range of 20-100 yuan/ton; Due to the low inventory of raw petroleum coke, downstream carbon enterprises actively purchase and replenish inventory, which promotes the rise of coke price.

The enthusiasm for receiving goods in the downstream is high, and the stock of petroleum coke in refineries has fallen to a medium low level. In the short term, the price of some petroleum coke is expected to continue to rise. Petroleum coke and graphite electrode market trend and prediction, welcome to consult us.




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