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Main refineries petroleum coke price is stable, some local refineries coke prices are mixed

Main refineries petroleum coke price is stable, some local refineries coke prices are mixed

Main refineries petroleum coke price is stable, some local refineries coke prices are mixed

On July 7, 2022, main refineries petroleum coke market is stable, some coking prices are mixed.

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At present, petroleum coke average market price is 4805 yuan / ton, up 7 yuan/ton. Main refineries, petroleum coke shipments are relatively stable, local refineries, petroleum coke shipments overall performance is general, and some prices are adjusted. Low sulfur petroleum coke as raw material, graphite electrode for electric arc furnace steelmaking can be ordered.

In terms of Sinopec, South China high sulfur coke shipment is stable. Sinopec Beihai Refining & Chemical Co., Ltd. is shipped according to 4#A, and Guangzhou Petrochemical Co., Ltd. is shipped according to 4#B. Petrochina's Northeast region is now stable trading, North China Dagang Petrochemical petroleum coke price increased to 1#7560 yuan/ton; Northwest China Yumen Refinery has no inventory, and other refineries prices are stable temporarily. CNOOC's refineries are running smoothly after this week's price increase. 

In terms of local refineries, the current petroleum coke prices of local refineries are generally stable, some refineries coke prices are mixed, with a range of 30-100 yuan/ton. The prices of crude oil and electrolytic aluminum fall, the market mentality of receiving goods has changed, and market transactions have slowed down.

Crude oil and electrolytic aluminum prices fall, and downstream enterprises are cautious in purchasing. Overall, the petroleum coke market is expected to remain stable , and some coke prices will be adjusted. Carbon market trends, follow us to learn more.


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