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Main refinery market is stable, the local refined petroleum coke shipments are general

Main refinery market is stable, the local refined petroleum coke shipments are general

Main refinery market is stable, and the local refined petroleum coke shipments are general

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On July 11, 2022, the main refinery petroleum coke price was stable, and the overall shipment of locally refined petroleum coke was average. Graphite electrode made from petroleum coke is widely used in electric furnace steelmaking in recent years.

At present, the petroleum coke average market price is 4797 yuan/ton, down 12 yuan/ton. The main refineries have stable trading and investment, and the overall shipment of local refined petroleum coke is general.

In terms of Sinopec, Sinopec's medium sulfur coke shipments along the Yangtze River are good. Anqing Petrochemical's main production of petroleum coke is 3A, and Jingmen Petrochemical and Changling Refinery's main product 3B has stable prices and shipments. PetroChina's Refineries have a stable trading and investment. Northeast China Liaohe Petrochemical   latest bidding price is 7560 yuan/ton. Northwest region petroleum coke overall market price  remains stable, with low inventories. The shipment of CNOOC's Refinery petroleum coke is stable and the trading is acceptable.

In terms of local refineries, since the weekend, the overall delivery volume of local refined petroleum coke has been average, and local refined petroleum coke price has risen and fallen.  Shandong Province local refined petroleum coke price falls by 50-300 yuan/ton, and Northeast China petroleum coke price adjusts upward. After the coke price continued to rise in the early stage, it exceeded the price expectations of downstream carbon enterprises. The wait-and-see mood increased, and the mood of receiving goods weakened. Most purchases are made on demand, which is not conducive to coke prices.

In terms of imported coke, the overall shipment of port sponge coke is average; Medium and low sulfur pellet coke resources are still tight, and high sulfur pellet coke shipments are general.

The trading of main refineries are stable, and the shipments of local refineries are general. The mainstream price of petroleum coke is expected to remain stable and partially adjusted. Contact us to learn more about the lastest carbon market.


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