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Petroleum coke shipment is general and the price fluctuates

Petroleum coke shipment is general and the price fluctuates

Petroleum coke shipment is general and the price fluctuates


This week, petroleum coke market overall shipment was general, steel plants market was depressed and electrode market was general, low sulfur petroleum coke market overall performance was poor, and the price fell; The crude oil and electrolytic aluminum markets were weak. The downstream aluminum carbon market is mainly based on demand. The overall trading of refineries slowed down, and coke prices rose and fell. This week, the coke price of some refineries under Sinopec increased, some low sulfur petroleum coke price of refineries under PetroChina and CNOOC decreased, and local refineries petroleum coke price decreased.


Up to now, 11 coking units in China have been routinely shut down for maintenance, with a daily output of 73,580 tons of petroleum coke and a coking operation rate of 59.65%.


Low sulfur petroleum coke market overall shipment volume is general. Some refineries sell at guaranteed prices, and refineries' inventory is generally at the middle level; Medium sulfur and high sulfur petroleum coke market shipments are differentiated. Major refineries' shipments are acceptable and inventories are generally low. Local refineries' shipments were flat and market inventory increased compared with last week.


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This week, the average daily shipment of major ports was 21,400 tons, and the total port inventory was 1,787,000 tons, an increase of 8.89% month-on-month.


This week, there are still many petroleum coke ships arriving at ports, mainly in Shandong and South China ports, mainly with medium sulfur and high sulfur petroleum coke, and port inventory has increased significantly; China's petroleum coke market is generally traded, and petroleum coke price continues to fall, which impacts the sponge coke market in the port. In addition, the petroleum coke storage in the port is relatively high, and the downstream market is general. Most petroleum coke orders are purchased on demand, and the port spot market is under pressure.


Low sulfur petroleum coke: At present, the low sulfur petroleum coke market is generally traded, and the downstream is purchased on demand. Low sulfur petroleum coke price is expected to continue to show a downward trend.


Medium and high sulfur petroleum coke: Electrolytic aluminum market price is weak, and low sulfur petroleum coke price continues to rise and fall, impacting the price of medium and high sulfur petroleum coke. In addition, there are abundant medium and high sulfur coke resources in the market, and downstream enterprises have a strong wait-and-see mentality and purchase according to demand. The prices of medium and high sulfur petroleum coke in main refineries are expected to remain stable, and some local refineries' prices may continue to fall.  For more reports on the coke market, feel free to consult us.


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