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Local refineries' delivery price is stable, and petroleum coke trading is under pressure

Local refineries' delivery price is stable, and petroleum coke trading is under pressure

Local refineries' delivery price is stable, and petroleum coke trading is under pressure


On Wednesday (November 2), major refineries delivered at a stable price, and the local refining petroleum coke was under pressure.

At present, petroleum coke market average price is 4522 yuan/ton, down by 6 yuan/ton, or 0.13%. Major refineries transaction price is stable, and local refining petroleum coke trading is under pressure. Graphite Powder collected from Graphite Electrodes Machining used in EAF Steel Melting Furnace.

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Sinopec aspect

The shipment of medium and high sulfur petroleum coke in Shandong is stable, and the downstream is mainly purchased on demand. Sinopec Qilu Petrochemical's petroleum coke is shipped as per 4 # A, Sinopec Qingdao Petrochemical's petroleum coke is shipped as per 5 #, Sinopec Qingdao Refining & Chemical's main petroleum coke is shipped as per 3 # B, and Jinan Refinery's petroleum coke is shipped as per 2 # B. In North China, medium and high sulfur petroleum coke supply is tight, there is no pressure on the refinery to ship, and the inventory is still low. At present, Northeast China refineries' petroleum coke price is stable, and the overall shipment is acceptable. Some regions are under pressure due to the epidemic situation; Northwest China petroleum coke price is basically stable. After cutting prices at some of Cnooc's refineries this week, petroleum coke prices at the company's refineries have all remained stable and inventories are low.


After the price of petroleum coke in some CNOOC refineries was lowered this week, the price of petroleum coke in all CNOOC refineries was stable, and the inventory was at a low level.

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Local refineries aspect

At present, the overall shipment performance of local refining petroleum coke is in general, and petroleum coke price in some refineries continues to fall by 50-200 yuan/ton. At present, logistics transportation has a great impact on the market, and automobile transportation is blocked. As the accumulation of petroleum coke in Shandong Refinery increases, the shipping pressure increases accordingly. Downstream enterprises mainly purchase petroleum coke on demand, and the wait-and-see mood remains unchanged; Current indicator fluctuation: the sulfur content of petroleum coke in Wudi Xinyue Chemical has increased to within 5.0%.


Imported coke aspect

Recently, a large number of imported petroleum coke has arrived at the port, and the port petroleum coke inventory remains high. However, due to the large number of orders signed in the early stage, some ports' delivery speed is very fast.


Market forecast

Major refineries' petroleum coke shipments is stable, and the local petroleum coke market is affected by the epidemic situation. Overall inventories are high and refineries are facing huge pressure on delivery. Therefore, petroleum coke prices at major refineries are expected to remain stable tomorrow, and some local refining petroleum coke prices are still expected to fall. China petroleum coke industry daily report, welcome to pay attention to us.


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