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Current Situation and Prospect of Anode Materials Market

Current Situation and Prospect of Anode Materials Market

Current Situation and Prospect of Anode Materials Market


Current actual market supply

In 2022, driven by the high landscape and energy storage of terminal new energy vehicles, the demand for anode materials will continue to grow; With the release of anode project capacity, the overall monthly output of anode materials continued to rise. Manufacturer of artificial anode materials, please consult us for details.

Anode materials market pattern in 2022

From the perspective of the shipment structure of the anode material in 2021-2022, it is expected that the anode material will reach 1.32 million tons in 2022, among which, affected by the demand for new energy vehicles, artificial graphite is still the mainstream anode material at present. By 2022, the permeability of artificial graphite will expand further and is expected to reach 87%, much higher than that of natural graphite.


2022-2026 Forecast of supply and demand of anode materials

2021-2026 Forecast of anode materials production

From 2022 to 2023, graphitization is expected to enter the capacity release period, supporting the growth of artificial graphite output.


From 2024 to 2025, continuous graphitizing furnace will be popularized, social responsibility of ESG supply chain will be promoted, and anode material approval is expected to improve.


2021-2026E anode material supply and demand forecast

In 2021, the anode material market was in a state of short supply. In 2023, with the release of graphitization and artificial graphite production capacity, new players entered into production, market supply grew rapidly, and the market continued to accumulate.


By 2024-2026, the market share of leading enterprises with high-quality production capacity and excellent customer structure is expected to further increase; However, some small and medium-sized enterprises that lack technological competitiveness and are constrained by large customers may have low capacity utilization, and it is expected that the market will continue to be out of stock. Artificial anode materials market information, welcome your attention.


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