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【CPC】Low-Sulfur Market Trading Sluggish, Medium to High-Sulfur Market Performing Well

【CPC】Low-Sulfur Market Trading Sluggish, Medium to High-Sulfur Market Performing Well

【Calcined Petroleum Coke】Low-Sulfur Market Trading Sluggish, 

Medium to High-Sulfur Market Performing Well


Currently, the overall shipments of low-sulfur calcined coke enterprises remain average, with most enterprises focusing on fulfilling existing orders. The downstream demand for carbon products in the steel industry continues to be weak, leading to a notable slowdown in low-sulfur calcined coke market transactions, putting pressure on some enterprises. In contrast, the medium to high-sulfur calcined coke market is experiencing good trading dynamics, as raw material prices continue to rise, providing strong support to the market. The overall demand for medium to high-sulfur calcined coke is increasing, favoring price stability, and currently, the transaction prices for medium to high-sulfur calcined coke are on a stable upward trend. 


The mainstream transaction prices for low-sulfur calcined coke (using Jinxi and Jinzhou petroleum coke as raw materials) range from 4,200 to 4,500 yuan/ton. For low-sulfur calcined coke (using Fushun petroleum coke as raw material), the mainstream transaction prices are around 6,550 to 6,650 yuan/ton. As for low-sulfur calcined coke (using Liahe and Binzhou Zhonghai petroleum coke as raw materials), the mainstream transaction prices range from 3,900 to 4,200 yuan/ton. For medium to high-sulfur calcined coke (with negligible trace elements), the previous ex-factory contract price was 2,500 yuan/ton in cash, and the current price under negotiation is in the range of 2,500 to 2,600 yuan/ton in cash. As for medium to high-sulfur calcined coke (with 400 ppm vanadium), the previous contract price was 3,000 yuan/ton in cash, and the current price under negotiation is in the range of 3,000 to 3,300 yuan/ton in cash.

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Currently, the daily supply of commercial calcined coke in the country is 24,676 tons, with a capacity utilization rate of 61.84%, indicating stable supply in the calcined coke market compared to the previous day.

The average price of petroleum coke in the current market is 2,229 yuan/ton, with a marginal increase of 2 yuan/ton (0.09% rise). Major refineries are still shipping steadily, and downstream demand is based on need. In the local refining market, overall inventory levels remain low, and some coke prices continue to experience a slight upward trend.

Graphite electrode production news image1608.jpg

The graphite electrode market in China is currently stable. Some graphite electrode enterprises are offering low prices due to financial issues, while a few enterprises are adopting a "price optimization" strategy in their transactions, leading to a generally low-price trend in the graphite electrode market.

Currently, the average price of electrolytic aluminum is 18,320 yuan/ton, with a 10 yuan/ton increase (0.05% rise). Affected by external factors and with continued destocking of aluminum ingots in the social market, the government's support for the development and consumption of photovoltaics, automobiles, real estate, and other sectors has resulted in a slight increase in spot aluminum prices.

The lithium-ion battery negative material market in China is currently stable. The order volume of downstream battery manufacturers is on the rise. However, due to the surplus production capacity in the negative material market and the impact of factors such as cost reduction and efficiency improvement downstream, it is unlikely that the negative material prices will rise in the short term.

As downstream markets continue to implement production controls, some enterprises in the low-sulfur calcined coke sector are facing poor shipments. It is expected that the low-sulfur calcined coke market will maintain weak trading conditions tomorrow, with certain enterprises reducing coke prices by 100-200 yuan/ton. On the other hand, raw material prices are expected to see a slight upward trend, driven by overall demand improvement, leading to a stable to upward trajectory for medium to high-sulfur calcined coke prices, with some index prices possibly increasing by 50-200 yuan/ton. For more reports on the carbon market situation, welcome to contact us.



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