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Carbon and graphite anode materials—— graphitization furnace

Carbon and graphite anode materials—— graphitization furnace

Carbon and graphite anode materials—— graphitization furnace 

Magical carbon material

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Graphitization of lithium battery cathode materials consumes up to 13000 ~ 15000 KWH. Energy consumption is large, and energy saving task is very prominent. Continuous graphitization can meet the requirements of energy saving, but the furnace life and product quality need to be further studied. Juxing graphite electrode is based on national standard indexes for reference. The graphitization of carbon is a graphitization process at a high temperature of more than 2000 degrees. However, few materials in nature can adapt to the high temperature of 2000 ~ 3000 degrees, and few materials have various excellent properties such as high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and conductivity. Only carbon materials are available, so the main structure of graphitization furnace is also carbon materials.

Acheson graphitization furnace

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Since Acheson obtained a patent for the graphite products production in the United States in 1895, Acheson graphitization furnace based on his principle has been continuously improved. However, there has been little progress in furnace materials, furnace structure, furnace technology and furnace energy consumption. Until the 1960s, the graphitization technology was improved from AC to DC furnace, which belongs to Acheson furnace together with AC graphitization furnace. DC graphitization technology has begun to develop in developed countries in Europe and America. Compared with AC graphitization furnace, it has significant advantages of large capacity, good product quality and low energy consumption, so it has attracted widespread interest and attention all over the world.

Castner furnace (inner series graphitization furnace)

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It is a resistance furnace that directly connects the current to the baked products connected in series, and uses the resistance of the products to convert the electric energy into heat energy to graphitize the products. Castner first invented and patented it in 1896. Features: energy saving, fast.

Continuous graphitization furnace

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Carbon knowledgeable people strive to find a better graphitization method and graphitization process, hope that continuous graphitization process can become the mainstream process.
When the graphitization temperature reaches 3000K, the theoretical graphitization power consumption of 1 ton of baked product is 1360KWH. The power consumption of graphitization in the production of carbon products is usually 4000-5500KWH/T, which is 3 ~ 4 times of the theoretical power consumption. Therefore, reducing the power consumption of graphitization in carbon production has always been a research topic that engineers and technicians attach great importance to, and it is also the key for carbon product manufacturers to reduce costs and improve benefits.

Graphitization furnace is one of the key equipments in carbon products production, and it is also one of the equipments with the largest energy consumption.

The production of carbon - graphite products requires a large amount of energy consumption, which accounts for about 30%~40% of the production cost of carbon products. The graphite chemical process in carbon production is a large energy consumer, and its power consumption accounts for about 70% of the total power consumption in product production.

Therefore, the research and improvement of graphitization process and graphitization furnace, energy conservation and emission reduction, and improving product quality and efficiency have always been the important mission of carbon engineers and technicians.

With the progress and development of the times, carbon materials with high performance, high purity and high graphitization are increasingly needed.

It needs high temperature and purification. Especially in the environment of carbon neutralization and carbon emission reduction in recent years, the demand for new energy is increasing, and the demand for high-performance materials is increasing.

Among them, both power battery and energy storage battery need lithium battery cathode materials made of carbon materials, and graphitization is an important process for the processing of lithium battery cathode materials,contacting us to read more graphitization furnace news. 


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