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Graphite electrode market price operates firmly at a high level

Graphite electrode market price operates firmly at a high level

Graphite electrode market price operates firmly at a high level

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According to the investigation, the current mainstream ultra-high power graphite electrode diameter 450mm tax-inclusive price is concentrated between 24000-25000 yuan/ton, and the mainstream high-power graphite electrode tax-inclusive price is concentrated between 22000-23500 yuan/ton, which are higher than before.

Affected by the raw material end of petroleum coke, needle coke market continued to go high, graphite electrode production cost is under great pressure. In addition, in terms of raw materials, the market supply is tight, the price is still high in the short term, and graphite electrode manufacturers have strong sentiment to support price.

  • In terms of production and transportation, the epidemic has occurred frequently in many regions, and the empty-hang situation is severe. Liaoning and Shandong are severely restricted, and most producers have been suspended; Shanxi, Jiangsu, Handan of Hebei province, Henan and other regions have little impact, production and transportation are normal.

  • In terms of downstream demand, the on-site trading performance is general. Due to the impact of the epidemic, the transportation of electric furnace steel plants in some regions is limited, raw material replenishment is insufficient, the production load of steel plants is not high, and the demand for graphite electrodes does not meet expectations, bringing a negative impact on the market.

  • In general, the domestic graphite electrode market is mainly affected by the raw material market, the cost pressure has no sign of easing temporarily, and the market price may continue to rise in the short term. Hope that the epidemic will recede as soon as possible, the spot circulation will be liberalized. When downstream procurement is smooth, the market trading atmosphere will be better, contact us to know more GE market forecast.


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