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How to solve the oxidation loss of graphite electrode in steelmaking?

How to solve the oxidation loss of graphite electrode in steelmaking?

How to solve the oxidation loss of graphite electrode in steelmaking?

The loss of graphite electrode can be divided into two types: continuous loss and discontinuous loss. Continuous loss mainly refers to the loss caused by oxidation, sublimation and corrosion; The losses caused by damage, fracture and thermal shock spalling are discontinuous losses. It can be seen from graphite electrode loss mechanism that oxidation is one of the main causes of graphite electrode loss, accounting for more than half of graphite electrode consumption. Therefore, Therefore, taking effective measures to reduce the loss of graphite electrode can greatly reduce the cost of EAF steelmaking.

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Oxidation mainly occurs at the side wall of the graphite electrode. According to the oxidation theory of carbon materials, the oxidation reaction of graphite electrode can be divided into three different temperature zones. The first and second reaction temperature zone is about 500~1000℃, called low temperature oxidation zone. Above 1000℃ is the third reaction temperature zone, known as the high temperature oxidation zone. This can be fully explained by the gradual thinning of graphite electrode during use. The graphite electrode loss caused by low-temperature oxidation accounts for less than 2% of the total consumption, while the high-temperature oxidation loss is 20~50% times of the low-temperature oxidation loss. Therefore, high temperature oxidation and its preventive measures should be mainly studied to prevent oxidation loss of graphite electrode. RLHY-306 graphite electrode anti-oxidation coating protective agent uses inorganic nanotechnology to form a dense anti-oxidation coating through material polymerization, high-temperature sintering, crushing and grinding of high-temperature resistant ceramic coating. The graphite electrode anti-oxidation protective agent uses nano composite adhesive as film-forming agent and adds various nano functional filler materials. It is used on the surface of graphite electrode for electric arc furnace steelmaking to resist the corrosion and penetration of molten slag, reduce inclusions in steel, and purify molten steel, aluminum and copper. The coating can play an ideal anti-oxidation effect in the temperature range of minus 20-2200 ℃.


In conclusion, RLHY-306 graphite electrode antioxidant coating protector can effectively reduce graphite electrode loss, reduce the cost of electric arc furnace steelmaking, improve the efficiency of electric arc furnace steelmaking, protect graphite from oxidation and prolong the service life of graphite electrode. More about Graphite electrode technical news, please contact us.


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