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Actual situation of graphitization in Inner Mongolia Ⅲ

Actual situation of graphitization in Inner Mongolia Ⅲ

Actual situation of graphitization in Inner Mongolia

------- investment opportunities brought by the shortage of graphitization of negative electrode Ⅲ


Q: Does the box-type furnace have room to improve production capacity?

A: It is difficult to increase the output of the box-type furnace itself, but the factory with Acheson furnace can easily convert the Acheson furnace into a box-type furnace. The conversion process only takes about 30 days. The information of graphite electrode steelmaking. The original Acheson furnace is filled with crucibles. Buy a set of box plates and make technical adjustments, then the Acheson furnace will become a box-type furnace. For example, the old Acheson furnace can hold 20 or 30 tons. After it is changed into a box-type furnace, it can hold about 50 to 60 tons, and the loading capacity will double.


Q: Compared with the products made by Acheson furnace and box furnace, the product quality will also decline to a certain extent?

A: Right. It is difficult for the box-type furnace to obtain products with high energy density, and the product consistency is not particularly high. As the supply of the negative electrode tends to be tight, battery factories will choose the quantity as the main requirement of the negative electrode, adjust the design, and choose the graphitized products of box-type furnace. Let the capacity of the box-type furnace begin to release. It is not difficult to convert graphite chemical plant into box-type furnace.


Q: When crucible furnace is converted into box furnace, productivity increases a lot, but product quality may be affected, which requires a learning process?

A: This process takes about one to two years. Several enterprises at the head follow their own process routes and are not easy to convert on a large scale. Although we know that there are cost advantages and output advantages from Acheson furnace to box-type furnace, but still does not have the large-scale, only has the small groping. Whether it's putailai, Zichen, Kaijin or beiteri, it's not very successful (crucible furnace to box-type furnace).

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Q: Generally speaking, the cost of box-type furnace is very low, but it is not so easy for these factories that used to make crucibles to convert into box-type furnace?

A:   It's not easy. We've also tried about six or seven furnaces, with only a 50% probability of success. The pace behind is very slow.


Q: The success rate of box-type furnace is only 50%, which is not as profitable as directly using crucible? Is the box-type furnace still a difficult point to overcome in the negative electrode industry?

A: There are some natural defects for it, because when graphite is heated, it is most afraid of oxygen, because oxygen will oxidize the graphite powder, and because the box-type furnace has dozens of tons of fine powder in one furnace after all, there is a gap in the middle, and some air will remain in the gap, which will have some problems in essence. Second, because of the current distribution of the box-type furnace, its cross-sectional area is very large, about 5 square meters or 6 square meters. Its current distribution is not very good, so the consistency of the products is poor. Therefore, some special mixing processes need to be added. This process is not available in many Acheson furnace factories, although the equipment is not expensive, But we don't have this thing. We don't know how to deal with it, including the technology. We don't know the details. In addition, the output process of the box-type furnace is very complex, because it can be regarded as a box with many graphite negative electrodes. After being heated to 3000 ℃, the cooling process is very long, which is much longer than that of the crucible furnace. Because its materials are sealed in the dry pot, we can distribute materials very quickly through different methods, The box-type furnace can be carried out at about 600 ℃. The box-type furnace must be cooled below 200 ℃. Shanshan has basically overcome the difficulties. Now this set of equipment has been copied by Zhongke Tiancheng in Sichuan. It is possible that this equipment will be copied soon, but the old factory can not carry out such transformation. It must be a new factory. The two of them are relatively ahead in box-type furnace.


Q: What is the proportion of box-type furnace in the industry?

A: About 20%. The whole negative electrode industry has a lot of backward production capacity similar to crucible furnace. Dry boilers were first transferred from the factories of graphite electrodes for aluminum and steel-making, mainly the graphite electrodes for steel-making. They were originally used for electrode graphitization. After the development of new energy, they were slowly transformed into this. Well, this batch is used in many small factories. Later, on this basis, it developed the second generation in China, mainly represented by JiMei. They are small stoves. Now the main Acheson stoves are large stoves, with a capacity of 100 tons and 80~100 tons. This large furnace technology, but there is a new set of technology, that is, the new square crucible technology. The electricity price is very cheap. They are between Acheson furnace and box-type furnace. Only they have it.


Continuous Graphitization


Q: What is the cost per ton of products produced by the current continuous graphitization equipment?

A: It mainly depends on depreciation and equipment maintenance costs, because if compared with the current Acheson furnace in terms of electricity price and labor, its power consumption is only 1% of that of Acheson furnace, but its main cost turns to equipment maintenance. Its equipment is easy to break. This is the first one. Second, the equipment was expensive and the production was very low, so it wasn't industrialized on a large scale.


Q: How expensive is the equipment? How much does the equipment cost for graphitization of 10,000 tons?

A: There are two types that are known so far. The first type is the introduction, which is introduced from Japan. This is part of it. We don't have the concept of 10,000 tons. One line a month is about 100 tons, 1000 tons a month and a year, and about 30 million equipment is invested in one line. If it is an Acheson furnace, one line is about 5 million tons a year. The box-type furnace is similar to the Acheson furnace, which is slightly cheaper and lower. It's a little cheaper (20%). The equipment is 6 times more expensive, which is 1/10. This is the imported part. Some domestic production lines are slowly emerging, but the product quality of these production lines is completely unreliable. The domestic equipment will be much cheaper, about 2 or 3 million. It is more convenient than the Acheson furnace now. Its output is very low. He can't do much for two or three hundred lines. One can make a few tons, one It's 100 tons a month. Continuous graphitization can be understood as a super large electronic induction furnace, a super large electromagnetic furnace, because it's just because the heated object is 3,000 degrees, and it can't reach 2,800 degrees at present. Therefore, its heat insulation system and its whole device can operate at high temperature, and the damage speed is very fast. Maybe if we use Acheson furnace, one The line may last for many years, but the continuous graphitization production line is often damaged. Because the temperature is very high, it will roast and deform all kinds of things, or there should not be a mature production line in China at present. The Japanese electrode will also be damaged. But it's more stable.

Q: When will continuous graphitization be mass-produced?

A: It's hard to predict. If an independent company can make continuous graphitization equipment, which is an equipment factory, the industry will change subversively. Graphite plants will be transferred to the Yangtze river Delta and the Pearl River Delta, because there are no exhaust treatment problems, view more graphitization news here.


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