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【Carburant】China Graphitized Carburant Faces Cost Pressure

【Carburant】China Graphitized Carburant Faces Cost Pressure

CarburantChina Graphitized Carburant Faces Cost Pressure


Recently, China domestic market for graphitized carburant has remained stable, with prices ranging from 4900 to 5000 CNY/ton for graphitized carburant (C≥98%, S≤0.05%, N≤300ppm, size: 1-5mm), and a few at 4600-4700 CNY/ton. Semi-graphitized carburant (C≥98%, S≤0.3%, size: 1-5mm) is priced at 4100-4200 CNY/ton, while other specifications (C≥98%, S≤0.5%, size: 1-5mm) are at 3800-3900 CNY/ton. The price difference has widened, and product quality varies, resulting in moderate market transactions.

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In terms of raw materials, the high-sulfur coke price in the East China market is 1360 CNY/ton, showing a stable-to-strong trend. Overall, the petroleum coke market has maintained reasonable shipments, and coke prices at refineries have seen slight adjustments based on inventory levels. Industry insiders predict that some prices in the petroleum coke market may trend stronger in the short term. As raw material prices increase, the cost pressure on graphitized carburant rises. However, due to weak downstream demand, the domestic market for graphitized carburant is expected to remain stable in the short term.  Follow us to learn more about the carburant market.

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