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【Petroleum Coke】Market Price Analysis and Forecast

【Petroleum Coke】Market Price Analysis and Forecast

【Petroleum Coke】Market Price Analysis and Forecast


Market Overview

In mid-August, the average price of petroleum coke in China was 2254 yuan/ton, a decrease of 4 yuan compared to the previous day, with a decline of 0.18%. Currently, the petroleum coke market remains stable, with refineries mostly maintaining stable prices in trading, some fluctuations in coke prices, and the price of calcined coke for reference.... The main regional market transaction prices are as follows: 



Recently, there have been more shutdowns and maintenance of refinery coking units, coupled with increasing downstream demand. Petroleum coke shipments from Sinopec's refineries remain reasonable. In the East China region, high-sulfur petroleum coke shipments are good, with active downstream receiving. Yangzi Petrochemical, Gaoqiao Petrochemical, and Shanghai Petrochemical are shipping according to 4#B. In the Northwest region, high-sulfur petroleum coke shipments are stable, with refineries primarily fulfilling order shipments. Sinopec's Northeast region refinery, Jilin Petrochemical, has raised petroleum coke prices by 200 yuan/ton. Other refineries maintain stable prices for shipments. In the North China region, Dagang Petrochemical's petroleum coke is currently being tendered. The petroleum coke market in the Northwest region is currently maintaining stability, with refinery inventories at low to mid-levels. Various refineries under CNOOC are primarily shipping based on orders.

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Local Refineries

Currently, local refinery coke prices are mainly stable, with some refineries facing shipment pressure, resulting in a price correction of 20-100 yuan/ton. Inventories of local refinery petroleum coke remain low, and downstream demand for petroleum coke is essential, leading to ongoing overall demand that benefits the petroleum coke market. Market fluctuations include the startup of the coking unit at Jincheng Petrochemical's new plant.


Imported Coke

Recently, there have been fewer vessels arriving at ports, and traders are actively reducing inventories. Various ports are primarily focused on destocking shipments.


Supply Aspect

As of August 11, there were a total of 10 routine maintenance shutdowns of coking units nationwide. The daily production of petroleum coke in China was 85,670 tons, with a coking capacity utilization rate of 68.98%, an increase of 1.31% from the previous working day.

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Demand Aspect

Aluminum plants in Guizhou and Yunnan continue to increase production, leading to higher procurement volumes, and demand for carbon used in aluminum remains. The graphite electrode market is weakly stable, driven by essential procurement. The operating rates of negative electrode material enterprises have increased, leading to steady growth in shipments. The silicon carbide market demand remains relatively weak, with limited enthusiasm for market procurement.


Future Forecast

The overall petroleum coke market is expected to remain stable, with refinery inventories mostly at low levels. In the short term, the petroleum coke market is projected to maintain stability, with some fluctuations in coke prices adjusting by around 20-200 yuan/ton. Learn more about the petcoke industry, welcome your inquiry.



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