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【Data Analysis】Increase in Monthly Needle Coke Production in China (August 2023)

【Data Analysis】Increase in Monthly Needle Coke Production in China (August 2023)

【Data Analysis】Increase in Monthly Needle Coke Production in China (August 2023)

I. Qualitative Analysis of Production Trends in the Sample

In the current month (August 01, 2023, to August 31, 2023), the production of needle coke was 62,400 tons, representing an increase of 19,200 tons or 44.44% compared to the previous month. Coal-based enterprises, affected by profit inversion, remained non-operational, resulting in an overall production of 62,400 tons of petroleum-based needle coke. The production of green coke was 37,300 tons, while the production of calcined coke was 25,100 tons. Learn more about the specifications and production of graphitized petroleum coke products. 

Needle Coke Monthly Production Data Comparison Chart.jpg

Source: Oilchem

II. Predictive Analysis of Production Trends in the Sample

According to survey data, in September, coal-based needle coke enterprises are facing significant production difficulties due to profit inversion, while petroleum-based enterprises are experiencing intermittent operations. The overall production for the next month is expected to exhibit narrow fluctuations.


III. Comparison of Production Trends with Product Prices

In August, China's needle coke production increased by 8 percentage points. Currently, sample production is at its lowest level since 2022, down by 45.4% from the year's peak and up by 8% from the year's lowest point. Despite being at a low level, there is still inventory to be depleted, resulting in a relatively weak market price performance. Contact us to learn about the latest market data analysis of needle coke.

Needle Coke Price-Production Correlation Chart.jpg

Source: Oilchem


Sample Explanation: On the day of data release, production data from 27 needle coke manufacturers in China, covering 94% of production capacity, is collected.

Glossary: Production by needle coke manufacturing enterprises refers to the actual quantity of products produced within a certain period that meets relevant standards, representing actual production.

Statistical Scope: The statistical period covers the previous full month, and data is published before the 10th of the following month. Contact us for more information on market data for needle coke, the raw material for graphite electrodes. 




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