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Market analysis of anode materials (November 28)

Market analysis of anode materials (November 28)

Market analysis of anode materials (November 28)

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Anode materials:

This week, the anode market production and sales were stable, leading enterprises had sufficient orders, but small and medium-sized factories showed signs of price loosening: Near the end of the year, the battery enterprises mainly cleared their warehouses, with strong bargaining power, and the prices of enterprise anode materials dropped significantly. In addition, the decline in graphitization OEM prices has led to a downward trend in the cost of anode materials. The products of small and medium-sized enterprises were mostly common products, with different quality and strong substitutability. Some enterprises' shipment volume was unstable, and there were signs of price adjustment.


In terms of raw material market, the needle coke market is still generally stable, and mainstream petroleum based needle coke enterprises operate normally, but the overall operating rate is at a medium level. The upside down of cost and profit of coal based needle coke enterprises has not been significantly improved, and the enthusiasm for production is not high; Low sulfur coke market shipments slowed down, and downstream markets have been cautious in receiving goods. The price of raw materials is expected to rise in the short term.


The graphitization market is under pressure. By the end of the year, graphitization capacity will be intensively released, and the graphitization integration sequence of leading anode material enterprises will be completed soon.  In addition, new graphitization enterprises are competing for orders at low prices, and some enterprises are facing huge price pressure. The mainstream market price is 19000-22000 yuan/ton.


In general, the anode material market is in a 'uneventful' stage. The future trend depends on the actual inventory of battery plants, and the price is expected to decrease significantly. For more analysis of the carbon market, feel free to consult us.


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