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【Petroleum Coke】Stable Market, Downstream Enterprises Procure as Needed

 【Petroleum Coke】Stable Market, Downstream Enterprises Procure as Needed

 Petroleum CokeStable Market, Downstream Enterprises Procure as Needed


The petroleum coke market in China is currently experiencing stable shipments, with downstream enterprises purchasing according to their needs. The market prices in the main regions are running steadily, with some local refinery market quotations showing a slight decline due to shipment difficulties. Currently, the market quotations in Shandong region have been adjusted slightly, and some manufacturers have slowed down their shipments, with factory prices being lowered by 10-98 yuan/ton. Among them, the quotation for 2#A has been lowered by 10 yuan to 2,890 yuan/ton, while the prices for 2#B, 3#A, and 3#B cokes have not changed much from the previous period. The price for 3#C coke has been lowered by 98 yuan to 1,754 yuan/ton. The trading atmosphere on the market is generally weak, with just-in-time demand being the main factor. The market quotations in the northwest region have fluctuated upward, with the price of 2# coke remaining stable at 2,300 yuan/ton, and the high-sulfur coke rising by 245 yuan to 2,925 yuan/ton. 

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Currently, the overall supply performance in the domestic market remains relatively sufficient, and the port inventory continues to remain high, with market supply pressure remaining. Although there has been no significant improvement in downstream demand, with the approaching of the May Day holiday, some downstream markets have certain replenishment needs, which have to some extent supported the upward trend of market prices. In the short term, the prices in some local markets may increase slightly, but considering the lack of significant improvement in downstream demand and the cautious sentiment among industry insiders, the market prices may narrow slightly in the medium to long term. Therefore, the operating conditions of the internal devices on the market need to be monitored closely in the future. For more information on the import and export situation of petroleum coke, feel free to contact us.




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